At Our Clinic, We Treat So Many Illnesses and Work For Your Wellbeing.

Hettiarachchi Ayurveda Hospital is dedicated to treating and healing a wide range of diseases using our unique Ayurvedic techniques and methods. We are treating for many illnesses like Skin Diseases, Gastritis, paralysis, joint pains & spinal diseases, sciatica, arthritis, phlegm and fever, headache, nausea, migraine, treatments for hair loss and growth, muscle pains, Diseases of women, Hemorrhoid diseases and all other general diseases.

To Heal,Treat & Serve The Best To Our Patients

In an age where malpractice threatens the lives of our community, we aim to create a safe environment by emphasizing precautions, safety, and welfare of our patients using the essence of antient ayurveda.

Help Our Customers Needs

Because not all wounds are visible, we, are dedicated to healing the unseen. We do that by helping our patients overcome mental health challenges. We’re committed to being confidential, sympathetic, and approachable in our communications and treatment..

Ayurcare, a personalized touch for holistic well-being

We believe in providing comprehensive healthcare with a personal touch

Well Experience Doctor

Experience the expertise of our well-experienced Ayurvedic doctor, dedicated to your health and well-being.

Traditional Medicine of Excellence

Experience the excellence of traditional medicine, dedicated to your well-being.

Comfortable Clinic

Experience comfort and care at our clinic, where your well-being is our top priority.


The Hettiarachchi Ayurvedic Generation has More than 11 generations of Majestic Ayurvedic history & it have been documented by The Hettiarachchi Traditional Ayurvedic Physicians, who possess the expertise in Ayurvedic medicine. Dr. Gamini Hettiarachchi has 30 Years of experience healing over 200,000 patients from Sri Lanka and all over the world. The Presidential Award for the best Ayurvedic Doctor in Sri Lanka has been bestowed upon Dr. Hettiarachchi, which represents a great honor and respect.

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